Only Doing, No Thinking?


She: Di help me.

Me: Now what?

She: Di I have to write a 'statement of purpose' for this internship.

Me: Then write it.

She: No... It’s too much!

Me: What is too much?

She: You don’t understand, I will have to think and all.

Me: Yes, you have to think and write. So what’s the big deal?

She: I can’t do this thinking work. It’s not for me. I will manage everything. You just write this for me.

Me: What do you mean you write this for me? You said you just need help.

She: Yes yes. I mean help only. You just have to write this and I will fill the rest by myself.

Me: But everything in the form is only another piece of paperwork. This is the section where they will get to know about you, your intentions, and your purpose for joining them as a fresher. Through these 500 to 2000 characters, you can express yourself and your motives for this project. I think that’s why a ‘statement of purpose' has been designed in the first place.

She: Yaar di …..why don’t you understand? I can’t do it. Please help me. I can’t think of these things. This will take a lot of my time. I have to finish assignments, make presentations and give online exams.

An important note: all these things are only being done through google. Yessss…. it’s true! I have seen her copying, pasting, and submitting online by tweaking a few lines here and there for the past 6 to 8 months straight.

Fine. Leave it.

Me: but how will I…

She: Come on, help me.

Me: Fine. Show me what to do. I will see. But listen, I have never written a statement of…

She: No problem. You can do it. I know you will write it well. Go ahead (very happily)

Me: Yes, my opinion is the same for you sis. Fine! Tell me what this internship is all about. I will get it done.

And finally, here I am. Thank God, I got through this.

Huh….I know, that taking help and asking for help is important. It’s not bad. And, it is crucial for our personal and professional growth. But, only doing and no thinking approach will become a hurdle soon if you are unaware of the harm it does to you. I strongly believe in that. If you don’t, then ask your mentors.

Be it in academics, corporate jobs, starting your label, or simply creating an online portfolio for personal branding — you can’t become a leader, an authentic and credible voice to be relied on anywhere by only doing and no thinking way of doing things.

It’s good to learn skills in demand. It’s even better to upgrade your professional skills when work and the economy are becoming only dynamic with each innovation in the market.

But, despite being a confident, productive, and very efficient member of the organization, you probably won’t be able to grab the higher roles or bigger opportunities as compared to those who have never neglected to work on themselves — their communication, be it verbal or written (and writing ‘statement of purpose' comes here), their growth as individuals, views, and opinions on matters of importance in the field they are working in (which requires thinking! No copy-paste technique will work there), and of course much more than that.

I wish my sister to not get lost in the buzz of skilling and upgrading around too much. I understand this thing is important. It is a requirement. But we have to decide ultimately what we want.

Are we here to become a super productive and highly efficient machine only? Yes... machine. Because that is what AI is supposed to do after a few years even more efficiently — only doing, no thinking!

Or, we should establish ourselves as people capable of thinking — thinking critically, independently, and innovatively to solve the problems in our capacities and change the present and future for the larger good.

After all, we are human beings. Not machines. Aren’t we? Machines are and will be there for us. We don’t need to reduce our values to efficient machines only.

So please stop thisonly doing, no thinking' stuff for your own sake and begin working a bit differently. This can be the one change you will thank yourself for later.

Instead, start thinking and doing..!!



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